Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Five Random (vol.2)

(1) The long weekend (4 days) turned out just fine. Today is the 4th day, so I spent it doing household chores and goggling 'custom made sofa in Cebu'.  The 2nd day of the long weekend was spent at Meiji Shrine in Omotesando. It was Saturday and weather all fine, so I went to travel that far to walk around. It would have been a waste to just stay indoors anyway.

(2) Currently reading: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. It appeared on my Amazon page as one of recommended books and little did I know this was a much anticipated sequel. After all, we are talking about Harper Lee, who authored the timeless masterpiece 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. The sequel focuses on adult Scott while taking a vacation back to her hometown, Maycomb. I'm halfway done and to be honest, I enjoy reading stories set in the past. It gives the reader a feeling of what it was like during a particular time. I was born in the 80's and adult Scott's story was set in post WW1.

(3) I have been sketching since October began. It just started with wanting to revive my drawing skills and of course, boredom. It took a while to getting back since I had to check Youtube videos for tutorial. I knew I am capable of sketching profiles but they never come close to good. Someday, I'll make a separate post about it in detail.

(Right) Amber was the first sketch I made. Needs no detailed explanation why I chose her. 

(4) The second sketch I made was the incumbent President of my country. President Aquino is on his last few months of term. Come May 2016, a new President will be proclaimed. I sure hope it will not be Binay, Escudero, the Intergalactic President whoever, or even another Marcos. Aquino, so far, is good in my books. I couldn't care less what people think of him because he did a good job, if not excellent, in spite of the circumstances. Let's face it, whoever people elects to sit at the Malacanang, the people will always find a way to criticize him/her. Just for the sake of my country, please not a Marcos nor Binay. Roxas is an option if Duterte will not run. Si Kris na lang kaha, I bet it will be a landslide victory.

(5) Amber as Snow White for Halloween. Every little girl wants to be Elsa or Anna (mostly, Elsa). Amber likes them, too. She does not know Snow White but I chose her because she's a classic. Kids her age probably don't know her but every living adult my age without a doubt knows her. FYI, Snow White was the first ever animated picture Disney produced making her the first ever Disney princess (though not the most popular). Besides, her skirt is yellloooooww (Amber's favorite color of the moment).

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