Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Kindle

This is a long overdue review. It is only at this time that I have come to realize that such work of genius deserves more than just oral praises but also, a testament in written form.
In 2012, I wrote about my thoughts about eBooks: here I have been very hesitant if not indignant at becoming a full convert to eBooks. However, as cliche as it may sound, things have changed. In November last year, having found the convenience of Amazon, I decided to purchase a Kindle Paperwhite. At that time, I still had a lot of books waiting to be read and was considering of postponing the use of Kindle until those books are read but my excitement got the better of me. The first book I read in Kindle was '12 Years a Slave' by Solomon Northup -- which at that time of last year was adapted into a movie.

Oh, what I like about Kindle.
1.) It's like carrying  a Library. I am not sure how many books it is capable of storing but the idea of books in one portable gadget is just brilliant.

2) In the event of dementia, long press on the character's name and viola! Kindle will reacquaint you with those characters. The last book that got me grabbing at the first sight of pen and note in order to write the characters' names was 'The Count of Monte Cristo' by Alexandre Dumas. With the many characters involved in that book, I was often left gaping and trying to dig through memory on who was this and that.

3.) Defines everything. THIS GOT ME SOLD! Worry no more on Medical terms (such as shown on photo), Legal, ancient, French and words beyond layman's terms. Kindle has defined convenience in many ways.

3.) Bookmark. I know this is not something new.
4) At the bottom of Kindle screen, it will show the percentage milestone you have read and hours remaining to finish. Not really necessary but if one intends to read a book in one day, it might serve well.

5.) Kills time while waiting for something or someone. Not that ordinary books aren't capable of this. 

6.) Lightweight. It fits well to an office or weekend bag. Its casing is sold separately, by the way.
7.) Unlike iPad or any phone, Kindle's screen brightness does not strain the eyes. The color of the books pages look real paper.
8.) eBooks are cheaper if bought from Amazon. Always sold at discounted prices and one more thing, you get to save trees.

Just months ago, Kindle released a new version. Well, I am never been the type to always get the latest.

I think my book storage issue has been solved. My books (hardcopies) have taken a lot of space at home. I can't for the love of books part with them nor throw them away. I have brought them from Japan to Korea and back to Japan in one jumbo box, lol! And with that effort, I do contemplate on maybe donating them to an organization to whom I feel the books will be of more use. I doubt they will accept my Twilight copies =P

Love Kindle. Love Technology. Love Life.

Currently reading: 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green.

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