Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Four Seasons

Considering I was not born in a country blessed with four seasons, I used to say that Fall is my favorite season whenever asked. This is mainly because I love the colors of the foliage, it's a pretty sight to look at. Other than that, the temperature is ideal.
Just this year, or probably it has to do with maturity and age, I began to appreciate all. I am missing Summer now that Winter has begun but at the same time look forward to the latter because it means bed-weather, making good use of the things available at home.

The major dislike on winter are that days are short and nights are long. Sun sets at around 4:30 pm lately which is disappointing for I feel that if the sun is up longer, the more activities can be done.
Early in January this year, I began taking photos of this tree located at the backyard. Luckily, it's a white cherry blossom tree which makes good representation for all seasons.

What I like about Spring in Japan is obviously the cherry blossom trees. To where I live, there's no shortage of cherry blossoms. I see quite a lot around my place as well as in the office premises. Spring symbolizes the beginning, everything looks new from nature to fashion. The downside of Spring is the torrential rains which is such a hassle for a commuter like me.

Summer in Japan is insane. Humidity is high, temperature as well. Unlike last year, thankfully the temperature did not reach 38degC. The highest this year was around 34degC. Inspite of the bugs and humidity, i like Summer, especially around late afternoons because it allows us to go out and still feel that a long day is still ahead. 
Fall has just ended and made way for Winter. As per tradition, we went to a park to document Fall. Park of choice was Hibiya park in Tokyo.

I digress. Fall is still my favorite.

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