Sunday, November 09, 2014

Yokohama: Day 2

Mandatory manhole shot. Manholes here in Japan have different designs depending on city. 

Day 2 started at Landmark Tower. Before going to Anpanman Children's Museum (which was the only itinerary for that day), we made a second side trip to Landmark for lunch and shopping.

The mall inside Landmark tower. The Gap was still on Sale, LOL! Judging from the design and materials of its interior, it looks dated but with a luxe appeal.

The restored stone dock, The Dockyard Garden is a sight to behold. Honestly, I thought it as a barrier to protect from waves or worse, even thought of it an old ship's mold.

This is open to the public but time was limited so we skipped the opportunity to touch the old stone walls.

Amber's stroller was a huge help, as always. It has served as bearer of our heavy bags. I can't imagine without it. Amber is nearing 3 and putting her still on a stroller for long travels is acceptable but how about near distance trips?! The stroller has served well in multi-purpose ways so i will probably miss it more than Amber will miss sitting on it.

As an Equipment Buyer, I just had to take a snapshot of this.

at Yokohama station, going to Shin Takashima.

Outside is the mall. We missed the production number.

For the museum, entrance fee is 1,500 JPY. Children over 1 are not free. Charge is same for adults.

Baikinman's narcissistic abode. Here he designs and fabricates his weapons to fight Anpanman which he always fails to triumph.

Toys and interactive games are many.

Anpanman's characters are mostly derived from food. Anpanman himself is a bread with bean paste inside (known as Anpan). Other characters, recurring mostly, are common delicacies and dishes of Japan.

Everything is in Japanese so we just allow Amber to enjoy the games and photos.

Paintings of Anpanman's friends. From left to right: Currypanman (protagonist but recurring), Baikinman (the main antagonist), Shukopanman (protagonist but recurring), and Donkinchan (Baikinman's cohort but not at all pure antogonist. She is sometimes neutral).

A mini-classroom. Adults might find it boring (I did) but it's a children's museum in the first place so adults are not the target market. Outside the museum is a mall with restaurants and boutiques selling authentic and rare Anpanman memorabilia and toys.

While outside, Shukopanman (white bread man) came out to greet the kids. Amber, upon my advice, went to hug him. 

One of his fans. Amber loves Anpanman so much that Mickey Mouse has taken the backseat. That's why, there's no way we will miss the opportunity of not going to Anpanman's museum.

Too tired to smile.

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