Saturday, May 10, 2014

Amber Week

First day was spent, of course, at an indoor playground in Aeon Marin Pia. It was recently renovated to keep up with the rest of the building's overall revamp. The last time that Amber set foot on this playground was a year ago. She didn't play as she can't walk then (at 10 months old). This time she was all smiles, jumping around, and deliberately falling herself into these sea of yellow and white balls.

My only day off from Mama duties was spent at a mall. It was raining the whole day so it felt just right to explore indoors. 

I wore my Nike Free Run 5.0 to test run its staying power. So far, so good. My only comment is that these shoes tend to mold my feet. They fit so snugly, it felt like second skin that wearing socks are unnecessary. I had to wear thin socks (thinness level same as pantyhose) because sports socks felt too tight making it uncomfortable. This pair is US 6 size (23 cm) which is my default size. 

Very mag (May 2014 issue) | Kindle | DVDs rented from Tsutaya | iTunes | Amazon | Yoga mat.

So, I've done some and missed some. Let's start with what I have done as planned.
(1) Very mag. I always look up to this magazine for shopping inspiration. Here in Japan, there are a lot of magazines especially for women. It actually took me long to finally settle for Very. I have bought a few prior but those other magazines did not fit my personality. Very is so me because it focuses on Mothers (working and stay-at-home) and their style, beauty and latest fashion trends. Though everything is in Nihonggo, I only buy it for drooling.

(2) DVD at night. I watch them at night and finish in the morning. No, I don't do marathons anymore. I start watching at night while Amber is asleep, and whenever I feel my eyes fall out of focus, I pause and turn off the TV. The next day, I watch the remaining half or quarter of the film while playing with Amber.

(3) Yoga mat for my planking. I was only able to do it in three nights (not consecutive, unfortunately). The first two lasted for 60 seconds. The last one lasted 90 seconds. Yes, I timed it. I need to do the 30-day planking challenge but looks like I missed a few days now. Back to zero, I guess. 

Things I failed to do.
(1) Online shopping. No actual transaction was ever made. Everything is saved in my wish list. Nothing fancy, just minor stuff.
(2) Read.

I made a point to bring Amber to parks where she can run around, chase birds away and get dirty from playing. What took me by surprise was her ability to play the slide without much assistance. She's a pro!

DVD watching ain't complete without snacks within reach. Wine, right? For someone who is not fond of alcohol, I decided to drink wine to seal the day's activities because being a hands-on mom-24/7-without-any-help-at-all drains everything in me.

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