Tuesday, May 06, 2014

7 years and 340 posts

Today marks the 7th year of my blog.

This has served as my avenue for raves, rants, selfishness, shallowness and lamentations. For 7 years, I managed to publish 340 posts (excluding deleted posts). This only means, I am not a good blogger or at blogging. My posts are sporadic and subjects are indefinite. I really don't mind. I like it that way anyway.

My documentation of life's snippets started in a rainy afternoon of May 2007 in Japan. Today, it rained earlier. Very typical of Spring. 

In 2011, Amber had her first share of this free space. I first posted about her while still 5 weeks in my belly. The gender was unknown then so I started calling it Krang. For those not a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you sure don't know it. Click on Krang and it will lead you to its Wikipedia page. I fondly called her Krang because like Krang, it is super powerful and lives inside a robot at its disposal. 

It never occurred to me to cling on blogging this long. In some ways, it has served as my journal. I'd still love to go back keeping journals but my handwriting has gone so poor ever since computers took over. 

It never occurred to me to shut down this blog. I did abandon at times but eventually come back posting away whatever. Besides, I enjoy reading my old and immature posts; and going back to those years of solitary wanders, book shopping and train-hopping.

I have given up Facebook early this year because being way too updated by others' lives and looking at nonsense feeds is getting annoying. Twitter, also. Others, as mentioned in this blog's sidebar, still exist. DeviantArt will still be dormant until I find time to create art in the future. Flickr, too. I just need to renew my Pro account. This and Instagram are the only virtual properties I update constantly. The latter, almost weekly.

I can't post every day because my lifestyle won't allow me or post a specific niche because I don't have any, thus, I rely on general topics and myself. Besides, I'm sporadic and unpredictable. Let it be that way otherwise it defeats this blog's name. 

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