Sunday, April 27, 2014

blanche et noire

Ensemble that Saturday.
I wore a cardigan as the weather lately still tends to get colder as night falls. 
And speaking of lately, I found the perfect pairs of black & white shoes.
This Onitsuka Tiger (Machu Racer) pair was a love at first sight. First, it's black and white which will replace my Adidas black & white Rekord since it has seen the best and worst of days. Second, it does not make me look like Donald Duck if worn with shorts.
This Free Run 5.0 (2014) is the latest offering from Nike. By the first time I tried it on, it felt good. The soles are soft and walk/run friendly. Bought this pair to support my ongoing quest for structured abs. Yes, the long holidays (Golden Week) has inspired me to workout. T went home today while I'm here spending the next two weeks with Amber. So, how am I supposed to squeeze working on structured abs with a toddler so active that needs constant vigilance? I'll do at night then.

Speaking of Amber Golden week, I will post the planned activities. Not many though but I'll try to keep it fun and exciting for both of us. 

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Kit S said...

Getting a structured core shouldn't be out reach -- just as long as you don't focus on doing sit-ups (imo).