Monday, April 21, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland

I spent my 34th year of life in the happiest place on earth. 

With Amber in tow, we managed to go inside 'It's A Small World'. It's one of those attractions where the queue is fast and ride toddler-friendly. Surprisingly, Amber was well-behaved while in there. She was really amazed by the singing and the pretty attractions.

It's my fourth time in TDL but it was only on that day that I thought of a jump shot. 

The Disney Hotel as seen from Disney monorail. 

We had planned on staying at The Disney Hotel but due to no more less expensive rooms available, we decided to select from other official hotel partners. Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay caught our fancy. Few less expensive suites were available and luckily, we were able to book one.

Another shot of its interior.

The lavatory is located separate from bath and toilet. Only a wall separates it from the bedroom. Across it is the mini-bar and fridge.

We checked-in around 4pm and went back to TDL to see the Electric parade and the fireworks. Unfortunately, there were no fireworks probably due to the strong wind.

The room is nice, nothing fancy and almost business hotel type. No study though. We have a view of the bay from the balcony. We got the twin beds as no more one queen size bed is available. The railing was a request as a precaution should Amber go beyond the edges but it proved unnecessary because I slept beside her.

This was the breakfast buffet at Club Fuji. At first, we wanted to eat at Toastina which also served buffet breakfast but due to the number of guests they recommended us to Club Fuji. Club Fuji is not a restaurant per se but a room suitable for conference or wedding reception. Due to the number of guests, this room was opened to accommodate the guests availing the buffet breakfast. Rates are same (3,500 JPY per head). The buffet breakfast is not inclusive in the room charge though. A little different from other hotels.

This was my round one plate, lol! I don't normally eat breakfast. I think I stopped eating power meals in the morning since getting back to work.

The view from the garden. This hotel has two chapels. Japanese love western wedding in spite of their beliefs or the lack of it. I am not sure if they have two celebrations (western and traditional) like Koreans. What I heard is they (Japanese) are free to choose western or traditional or both. 

Note to self: ask from officemates about it. I'll never get to sleep well tonight when something (like this) is bothering me =P

One of the many seating area. The furniture and fixture are lovely. This set looks like where gentlemen in suits prefer to lament on their businesses, future ventures and smoke cigar.

Cookies as souvenir.

The exterior at night. Bus ride is free from/to Bayside station which is located in front of this hotel. One time (this shot), we decided to walk as it is so near and we're in no hurry.

Parting shot: This OT pair was bought on my birthday four years ago.

My birth month (as I fondly call it this year and year onwards) is almost over. I am blessed in tangible and intangible ways.

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