Friday, April 18, 2014


Yes, I am more confident to tell my real age now. I remember last year and years prior, I would always tell my age as thirtysomething or better yet, ‘in my early thirties’. Though the latter still applies, saying my true age with pride is what mature people do when asked. The old famous adage has put emphasis on wisdom relating to age (though not applicable to all), and I’d like to think that I have gained at least some ounce of that.

I don’t have a specific wish but what I’d like to do is to continue what I am currently doing with the rest of my life. That is living life fully, to travel and explore more, read at least half of the ‘Time 100 best books of all time’ before I go blind, support Amber with all my might, and not to take work seriously because most probably it will not miss me but the life outside work will miss me more. Especially the last one, I am not saying that I have achieved expertise on the field I’m doing. It’s just that I have come to conclude that the experience I have gained has likewise increased my level of confidence.

One thing that I haven’t done since birth is to be daring or reckless ala Carrie Mathison. I could not remember to have done any extreme sports, been in a rollercoaster ride, became a president of a tacky fans club or founded a cult. Must try at least one for record (not necessarily among mentioned or what Carrie did) provided not illegal and a threat to national security. Just something out of my comfort zone.

One I’d like to minimize is wearing stripes. My conviction as a zebra incarnate has led me to accumulate a collection of long sleeve stripes’ shirts since 2004. Some are no longer with me as I have moved from XXS to S/M size. Stripes are always cool, a wardrobe staple and the style will never fade to oblivion but I think I have to control this stripes craziness of mine.

stripes, caffeine and ponytails at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay
This was taken on my birthday! The best photo that perfectly described that day.

I should cease trying out beauty products because in most cases, it has done nothing beneficial to my face. I am stubborn (in most ways) that even though the adverse effects have shown, I still kept on using them. This should stop, seriously. Stick to what has been tried and though the effects are barely visible, at least it’s not the opposite of what it (the product) promises.

I love HIMYM and though I have not fully followed the series from Season 7 onwards. It was sad and a relief that it finally ended. One of my favorite episodes was the last episode of Season 4.

HIMYM (S04EP24), excerpts from Wikipedia:
Finally, back in the apartment, Ted laments his situation, and Lily tells him to stop chasing something that is not working, and let the universe take over for a bit. When Lily tells him that maybe he should just take 'the leap' and do what the world seems to want him to do, Ted accepts the professor job at the University.

Sometimes, let the universe take control.

I spent this year’s birthday with my family at the happiest place on earth (read: Disneyland). Argue all you want but I can’t find any place that simply brings out the child in me by the mere sound and sight of that place.

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Happy Birthday! Those are inspiring resolutions you have :-)