Wednesday, October 02, 2013

For the Love of Leather

I confess that I am a bag person but not the designer loving type who feels the need to buy every time an 'it' bag comes out. In my case, I still can't bear spending a thousand dollars for a bag! Even if I have something to spare, I just feel that it's not worth it unless it's a Givenchy Nightingale =P

Though I did fall victim to an LV Palermo -- a purchase which I semi-regret after a few months of usage because: First, the decision was a stupid one for I just felt like spoiling myself a designer bag for no particular reason. Second, the design was really not my type considering it looks too stiff. However, stiff looking bags are a hit lately so that's where the 'semi' in regret came from.

Recently, as a reward to my stressful life, I bought myself some lovely leather bags. They are not designer 'it' bags but they are purely, 100% cow leather. If it's leather and simple, the better. 
Inset photo is a Russet brown bag which is a steal compared to splurging on a Sofia Coppola LV bag. Design is quite similar but quality is most likely same. I fell in love with this bag while drooling on a photo of it in Very's September issue magazine (my HG Japanese fashion magazine). Credits to the model, who successfully persuaded me to rush for the nearest Russet branch. 
This leather tote bag is from Nano Universe. I had been on a hunt for a simple, bling-free and authentic leather tote since; and out of desperation, even considered on buying the ones at Gap last Spring. But good thing I hesitated because for me buying bags are like shoes, you just fall on the right thing. When I laid eyes on this one, I just knew I had to have it.

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