Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tokyo Drift

With the 2 days holiday plus the weekend last week, we made sure to go elsewhere other than Lalaport mall, LOL! Lalaport has been a weekend staple. With a toddler so active, we are left with malls or the park for recreation (but we prefer malls most of the time as it has a designated nursery for changing diapers). So just imagine my excitement when we finally broke tradition. (Actually, we did not. In between those 4 days and before Tokyo drift, we went to our favorite mall =P)

I posted this photo on FB and a friend commented that it looks like a cake. Yes it does, the old-school wedding cake, LOL! But it does look amazing.

Finally found time to visit the newly renovated Tokyo Station. Ever since coming back to Japan in December last year, it was only last week that we found the right time to stroll Tokyo. Let it be known we live in Chiba, an hour by train (via Keiyo Line) to Tokyo station.=P

The facade of Tokyo Station. The building on its left is the Post Office which was recently renovated as well -- the addition of modern skyscraper on its top.

Zozoji Temple. It was actually my first time to set foot here in spite of its popularity and close proximity to Tokyo tower.

The only reason why we visited Imperial grounds for the nth time was to let Amber walk on the pebbles and gravel ground. 

Amber and I. She insisted on walking by herself because I think it has to do with finding joy in the vastness of the place and walking on gravel for the first time. I let her be. It was quite a long walk on her part but she was really hyper and would let go of my hand every time I reached for hers.

With a toddler in tow, to stay overnight in the city was a must. We were lucky to get a room in Tokyo Prince Hotel with a view of the Tokyo Tower. 

At Kamiyacho station. On our way to Roppongi for some fun.

At R's cafe in Roppongi hills. So good, I ate the same set the next day for lunch.

Lobby of Tokyo Prince hotel. Nothing special on the mural, I just requested T to take a panorama shot of me.

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