Sunday, October 20, 2013


Some photos taken while at Tokyo Disney Sea a week ago. It was a long holiday so we decided to make the most of the remaining pre-Autumn weather.

Initially, the plan was to take Amber to Tokyo Disneyland but when we arrived at its gates last Saturday, we were informed that tickets were all sold out that day and for the next two days. Going to Disney Sea was not an option because we arrived around noon, so we decided to purchase tickets to TDS for Monday.

Of the many attractions, we only got to the overhead train (i forgot the name). It was the only ride we saw fit with a hyper toddler in tow.

Not in Italy but the intricate details they put into it deserve applause.

Not my first time to visit TDS so I didn't put too much effort in queuing for rides or to meet Ariel. 

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