Saturday, July 13, 2013

style diary: Summer office wear

Summer in Japan is reminiscent of Philippines' typical sunny weather -- hot and humid. When the days of July began rolling in, to be drenched in sweat in the morning has become a norm on my way to office. Good thing that commuting is not that difficult because the trains are not too crowded.

Thankfully, our office is not strict (especially this season) as to office wear. However, there are exceptions such as no slippers, shorts and others which are, as per common knowledge, deemed inappropriate.  

In my case, though I have implemented my own rule of Casual Fridays, Summer is asking me to wear casual and more comfortable clothes (i.e. without long sleeves) even on other working days. This has led me to wear whatever few button-downs and short-sleeved shirts I own in constant rotation. 
top: Uniqlo, khakis: Gap, shoes: Wash
button-down: Giordano (as seen here), skirt: Zara, flats: Anthology
I admit that my bony knees are not my best assets, LOL! But I really have to wear skirt because we all know they are comfortable than pants during Summer. This skirt from Zara is cute and formal. It has front pockets which I so like though sometimes it appears to look my tummy bulgy, hence, I don't put anything in it.


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