Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Food Trip - Benitora Gyoza bou

We went to Lalaport Tokyo Bay last Sunday in the hopes of catching super sales in this Summer season, LOL! (Yes, there were sales but I am pretty sure there will be a huge one coming in humid July).

Just like any after tasking deed (such as rack rummaging and the optional fitting before purchase), one finds the need to be nourished with good food. Choosing the source of nourishment was a no brainer but we found ourselves clueless as to where and what to eat. T suggested pizza (again!?) but good thing we surveyed other options.

So Chinese it is! Benitora Gyozabou (Benitora means 'Red Tiger' and Gyoza means 'dumplings'..Bou, i don't know =P)

The interior with the sepia-like lighting has this old China mood though the backgroud and the presence of an A/C completely betrayed the rest.
The food:

Seafood Fried Rice

*Someone almost forgot to take a photo!*

Stir Fried Seafood on noodles

Beef and Broccoli with oyster sauce

Everything was delicious. The beef was tender, the vegetables and seafood were cooked just right. Since some Filipino foods are derived from Chinese origin, every dish tastes familiar and that's partially where my partiality stems from.

Benitora Gyoza bou
3/F Lalaport Tokyo Bay

I have been using my phone in taking photos in spite of me owning two old and still functional cameras. I guess having to lug and tote two bags, mine and Amber's diaper bag, is too heavy for me. Though in reality, I don't tote her diaper bag for I always hang it on one of her stroller's handles. Seriously though, it has to do with being discreet in taking photos while in public (as if there's a need to be discreet in this age of blogging and foursquare, hehe). Anyway, I might consider bringing my awesome camera one of these days since it has not been put to good use lately. 

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