Tuesday, August 06, 2013

that moment when i had a lot of time to waste during work

The world may have changed for the worse as most people often say but in spite of this sad truth, I have to say that I am grateful that I was born in the generation where freedom is deemed not a luxury. The basic human right to live was not enjoyed by most until after WWII, the Apartheid, and whatever wars that have happened in other parts of the world; though even at present, some are still fighting for this basic right.

The right to Live.

My knowledge as to WWII were limited to what I have read in books but honestly, as common to my generation, my sources are mostly derived from the internet. Some may doubt its entirety but the fact of the matter is that it did happen.

Though my ancestors are from the south of the Philippines, where the effects of war was less likely severe than Manila. Still, I wonder what they (my ancestors) did at that time. I remember my grandma (father’s side) told me when I was barely ten years old that during the war, they hid and lived in the mountains. I wish I could have asked more from my grandparents about their living conditions. Definitely, it was not easy but I like to know the details, the everyday routine.

When I went to Amsterdam in September 2011, I was fortunate to have visited the Secret Annex, Anne Frank and her family’s hiding place during the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. I was there, staring at her bedroom wall filled with celebrity photos cut from magazines or newsprint -- very typical of a teenager. I have read her diary prior to the visit so everything felt surreal. They lived in that condition just because of ethnicity.

To suffer from or be defeated by Nature’s wrath is far more acceptable than to suffer from or be defeated by human atrocities.

The right to Live.

I think I have been reading too much history, hence the sudden seriousness of all the mundane posts which I normally write about. I actually miss this kind of posts but I don’t write it down for by the time I want to immortalize the thought to words, the moment is just not right, like I lost it during procrastination. For random thoughts that come out of nowhere, it is sometimes best to write while everything is raw. 

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