Monday, June 10, 2013

that Saturday: Tokyo Sky Tree

Finally found time to visit here. It is indeed enormous. Before I left Japan in July 2010, construction was around 75% finished. It officially opened for public in May 2011. So I've heard that reservation at the observatories are full or if one opts to queue; well,one has to be more patient (which I obviously lack). We opt not to, considering a toddler in tow, and defer doing so to a year or less.

Yikes, OOTD! Hehe. Summer is here but I still prefer wearing black tops (even in the office). I know I am proud zebra incarnate but black makes me slimmer and so neutral it matches to every other color.
top: Uniqlo | khaki pants: Gap | sandals: Mio Notis* | bag: Longchamp

A staple this Summer is a pair of sandals. This pair is from Mio Notis* (Japanese brand). The rubber soles are very friendly to my feet. Looks like I will be wearing them often.

My little Amber wearing khakis. Just like Mama (I actually made sure we wear similar outfits, lol.)

The ground level of Tokyo Solomachi (it is a mall just under the Tokyo Sky Tree tower).

The dinner. Hitsumabushi (Nagoya style unagi -- eel). Yum!

Unagi vegetable salad

The place is not spacious. Eel, being the specialty, as expected leaves not much choice on the menu. But I have to say, it's the best eel meal I have ever tasted. A little pricey but worth it.
And having a toddler to attend to, T and I took turns eating -- this has become our normal routine whenever out for dinner with Amber. While I take Amber out for a walk, he eats and then I come back for my turn to eat while he entertains or takes Amber out (the latter is more effective than the former). This, i know, tends to take away the main purpose but it doesn't discourage us from doing so. We both love to try different restos for the experience and Amber's demands are kinda becoming a part of it. In time, she'll grow up fast so this shall pass.

Parting shot. Around 8:30pm

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