Saturday, June 01, 2013

Food Trip - にっこり マッコリ

にっこり マッコリ in Romanji "Nikkori Maccori". The first word 'Nikkori' (as per google translate) means 'smile'. The second word is written in Katakana, so it could be a person's name or anything.

traditional Korean round metal spoon and chopsticks

The place serves Korean cuisine though the name and its characters (written in Hiragana and Katakana) will not make anyone conclude that it IS until reading the menu.

Anyway, before I proceed, let me tell you that in my 2 years in Korea, I have not featured a resto or an eating place serving just Korean food in my blog. I have posted a photo in the past but never took the time to write about it. Not even that place my partner and I so frequent at COEX in Seoul. By the way, most Korean foods are cheap and practically visible every where, so I don't even get why I should miss blogging about something so ubiquitous.

Now, the food..

Samgyetang. My favorite Korean dish next to Gamjatang. The chicken was served half, with rice, herbs, and ginseng. The taste is bland as it should be thus allowing the consumer to put flavor (salt or pepper) at his/her own desire. The dish was served still boiling. I was aware how hot it was but I was so hungry, my tongue got slightly burnt =P. 

Typical egg omelette. Up to now, I am not sure if this is treated as side dish or main dish, LOL! Either way, I don't mind. We ordered this should the rice in Samgyetang was not enough.

Sorts of kimchi, pork, and fish paste.

One of the few things I miss in Korea is eating with kimchi. Anyplace that serves food, serves kimchi for free. Not just one kind, four max!

にっこり マッコリ
10F Sogo Chiba
Tel no. 81-043-304-5846

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