Saturday, March 09, 2013

It's been a month since I wrote a post

Yes, I'm still alive people. My last post was a bit sad but everything's fine now though Amber is presently nursing a cold.

(Not sure if it has to do with pollens in the air. It's Spring, by the way.)

Temperature is rising. I can't wait for Cherry Blossoms to bloom! I must say I am way more excited than ever about the whole Hanami thing even though this year will be my 7th.

Spring is IN and so are strawberries!

Walking after lunch has been serving me well. I lost weight. I think I now weigh below my target.

Work has been less stressful compared to the first two months (it could be that I have gotten used to it now). At the risk of taking back my words, I truly love my job. I've been assigned to a couple of designations in my whole working career but the current job is probably my niche. In spite of the hectic schedule of motherhood and career, I really do enjoy it! It's just the right balance of stress I need =) 

On weekends, I spend it mostly with Amber; yet with all the busy schedule, I managed to squeeze another to-do because I felt that our small home needs some personality. When we moved in last December 2012, the next thing that I want to do (first was to buy Amber's essentials, i.e. bath tub) was adorn the plain dull walls with life.

After having seen some pretty nice inspirations in Apartment Therapy website, I began working on a 'wall project'. The wall at the dining area is already done, and the living room wall is still in progress. I bought a few photo frames in various sizes at Ikea. The frames are ready, the layout in mind, but the photos are yet to be printed. So that's a to-do waiting to be strikethrough-ed.

The moment I saw this hexagon mirror tiles in Ikea, I knew exactly where to place them.

The proposed layout for the living room 'wall project'. (The small ones come in twos).  Other than the lack of time to complete the project, I have not yet finalised which photo should be printed in this or that size. =P

Amber will be turning a year old this April. I am planning on a Minnie Mouse themed party just because she (or I) enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It will be a simple party which will most likely end up like a small gathering of adults in the guise of a children's party. As for the food, this is what I'm still trying to figure out. As you may know, my culinary skills is not yet ready for large gatherings.

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