Saturday, April 06, 2013

Haru desu ne.

'Haru' means Spring in Nihonggo. Just because I can't think of a better title.

Anyway, April will be a very busy month for me. First, there's the cost evaluation meeting for a proposal this coming Thursday, my birthday on Friday, Amber's 1st birthday celebration the week after, and the home leave before this month ends (which was strategically set to include Japan's Golden week).

In my previous post, I have mentioned how excited I was for the Hanami (being Amber's first). Well, it didn't turn out as planned. We failed to set a picnic under Sakura trees for the weather had been cloudy and the three of us had been with colds. In my case, I have had flu thrice since January this year in spite of religiously drowning myself with Vitiamin C.

In Kasai rinkai koen, Tokyo. We were too early for Sakura trees to bloom. Taken two weeks ago. 

Taken from the office grounds.

Taken two days ago on my way to work. With the strong winds and hard rainfall last Wednesday (I was soaking wet!),   the sidewalks were covered in pink.

In other news, I lost weight. I finally reached my target. When I arrived here, I was around 50kgs. And just last month, having felt my pants no longer fit me snugly, the weighing scale in the office clinic confirmed that I now weigh 46.9kgs. Mission accomplished.

So how did I do it? Walking. The home is around 15 to 20 mins by walk from/to station (depends on one's pace). In terms of food, I avoided chocolates (hence, whatever chocolates I have received in the office are categorized as trash). I tend to prefer fish in meals and minimal rice intake.

This getting old stuff is seriously affecting me. I even changed my whole beauty regimen, LOL! Yes, I've read about the whole 'no tap water' on the face idea and have applied it for three weeks now. So far, it's effective. My face is not flaky and most probably, it has to do with my current change in moisturizer brand as well. This will need a separate post for I am way off topic now.

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