Friday, February 08, 2013

series of unfortunate events

At almost midnight of last Friday, I woke up because I remember failing to brush my teeth and just as I was about to get out from bed, I checked on Amber. She was hot but not alarming enough to send me grabbing for the thermometer to check her temp. I told T about it and concluded that it must be caused by the layers of clothing she wore and the thick futon blanket that covered her probably contributed the extra warmth.

That morning of Saturday, she was still unusually warm so I finally decided to check her temp and it read beyond 37degC. I got worried but not to the point of immediately seek for doctor's help. Other than that, she was suffering from a hard cough and a runny nose. As to its cause, I couldn't think of anyone but me. I must have passed the virus to her for I was suffering from an awful cough + colds for a week.

It so happened that we invited two old friends over for lunch. Amber was asleep when they arrived. When she woke up, I took her out from the bedroom to meet the two friends. The elder friend has been living and working in Japan for more than two decades now and she recommended that we seek medical help. I agreed since it would be convenient having elder friend help us for translation. 

So we went to the clinic near the station. The doctor concluded that Amber did have a fever and gave us medicines for her cough and colds. 

And so I thought Amber will be back to her old normal healthy self by Monday. Monday came, she was still sluggish and her temperature was erratic that led me to take a day-off from work. Even though her temp ranged from 36 to 38, her appetite was just the way as usual. When night came, it got worse. She couldn't sleep well and cried due to constant interruption by a clogged nose and cough. Her temp was up but having no idea as to the nearest hospital (one huge mistake on my part for not checking important establishments sooner), we resorted to comfort her with hugs and lullabies. If only I could extract those mucus out from her, I would have done it just to let her sleep well. 

The next day (Tuesday), we went to a clinic nearby. She was given medicines for her fever, cough and colds. This time, T decided to take the day-off and babysit Amber. I went to work but mind you, my thoughts often goes to her.

Wednesday, T took a day-off (again). I was busier than him so he volunteered. Amber's temp went up to 39 that caused T to panic. After giving Amber meds, her temp went down to 37. She was doing well the whole night and both T and I concluded that she was probably ready for nursery the next day.

Following the recent developments of her condition, T and I brought her to the nursery that Thursday. However, a phone call from the nursery prompted us to leave our office earlier than the usual. Actually, my Japanese office mate took the call and relayed the message to me about Amber's condition. The nursery directress told him about Amber having rashes all over tummy and that she cried a lot and ate less. She even concluded that we should rush Amber to the hospital. While my office mate narrated the story, I did panic but as T and I were on our way to get Amber, we tried analysing the probable cause for the rashes. T's theory was that Amber not having taken baths since Saturday probably caused the rashes but my instincts told me that it was nothing serious -- which turned out to be true (whew!). But I have to admit that I was scared about the idea of her having measles.

We arrived at the hospital around 6pm, the doctor told us that she was getting better and that the rashes was Exanthema subitum and will eventually go away after 3 to 4 days with no medication required. 

Taking a break from her slumber. Playing errr..messing with her toys while watching Barney for the 111,203rd  time.

As I deemed necessary, I took a day-off today; took care of her and watched Barney for the 1,027th time now. From my observation, the rashes don't bother her because she spent most of the time sleeping. 

As of this writing, the rashes have spread all over her face and body =( .
Nothing is more stressful than taking care of one's sick child. True that.


Nashe^ said...

Awhh I hate hearing about little kids getting sick! You just don't know what to do about them sometimes. :(

But hopefully as I'm writing this your Amber has fully recovered!

Marie said...

she'll be alright in no time!