Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amber @ 9 months

Ever since we bought Amber a walker, she has been staying most of her waking hours walking around in it. Just after two days of using, she completely felt in control of it though she still bumps things on her way. I have a feeling she will learn to walk faster and entirely skip the crawling stage. She's also in the stage of sitting upright without help. But I'm still apprehensive at leaving her in that position alone.
She turned nine (9) months last Wednesday and of course, with the obligatory cake (even though she never gets to eat even an iota). T and I have decided that she will never get to eat cake until she turns a year old, along with putting an end to the monthly birthday celebration of hers. Not that it's not worth celebrating, we fear we might spoil her.

As for her daycare, she's doing well but according to her records, she barely sleeps maybe because of the noise of toddlers surrounding her (FYI: she's the youngest that her sensei often holds her as she can't still walk). Her appetite for food and milk has been greatly affected but I'm just glad her weight is still within the ideal range for her age. It probably has to do with the sudden change of environment for I and she were never apart for too long. But I trust that she'll get by. I remember that on her second day of daycare, she didn't cry when T and I left her for work; and when we came over to pick her up that night, she looked tired but at least she was not crying upon seeing us.


Pretty/Ugly said...

Happy 9th to Amber. She's such a cutie and that's one precious photo of her (and the cake).

I hope she adjusts to the new place soon.

My Thoughts Scrawled In Pink said...

what a cute baby! :)

Cara Castillo said...

Such a cute baby and cute cake too!
Happy 9th baby amber :)

Marie said...

cute baby and that's a lovely cake!