Thursday, January 17, 2013

Food Trip - Mia Bocca

Food Trip, as per this blog's definition, is documenting my successful and failed attempts at cooking, dining at restaurants or any food establishments, and grocery finds that I deem worth posting.

For this year, I am starting with Mia Bocca Pizza e Pasta Italiano

Mia Bocca in English means, 'My Mouth'.

The interior. Dim lights in pretty lighting fixtures do add coziness to a place. 

Our picks from the menu:

Mia Bocca' s Mixed Salad
Fresh lettuce, raw salmon, raw beef and tomatoes = Heaven!

アサリトキノコのパスタ (Asari to Kinoko no pasta)
With the exception of mushroom, this looks like Spaghetti alle Vongole.

Breaded Chicken Breast
Taste was unexpected for I was expecting it to be average but I was wrong. It was delicious and juicy .

Of course, typical for Italian restaurants, Mia Bocca also serves pizza but we opted not to order as it was too big for two, and my gaze directed me towards photos of pasta in the menu.

Service was great. The establishment is baby-friendly because aside from baby chairs, they offer sippy cups (which was never put to use in Amber's case since she's not trained to use it yet). Our orders' prices ranged from 750JPY to 880JPY. Though nothing extraordinary, I don't mind going back there someday.

Mia Bocca Pizza e Pasta Italiano
3F Lalaport Tokyo Bay
Tel no. (047) 495-7477

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