Monday, January 14, 2013

oh the first snowfall of the winter

Heavy snowfall is a rare occurrence in this part of Japan so it came as a surprise when I saw how heavy the snowfall is outside. Good thing today is a holiday.

These shots were taken a few hours ago.

They are falling sideways!

Little Amber has colds so we just let her see the snowfall from the window. This would have been her first ever snow experience.

Me and my ugliest but super comfy boots. Yes, I was just wearing boxers =P


Nashe^ said...

Being at home all warm while the snow is heavy outside must feel great :D

amor said...

Yes, it does. But tomorrow, I have to tread cold pavement on my way to work.

Pretty/Ugly said...

Yay, snow. Must be really lovely to stay indoors while sipping hot chocolate. :)

Maita of Makeup On Demand said...

I hate the cold but I love snow. Something about it is peaceful and lonely and content and romantic all at the same time. I love Japan too :)

My Thoughts Scrawled In Pink said...

i'm one of the many Filipinos who dream to experience the snow :)

yammie said...

Snow! Not all areas in Japan experience snow, right? Wish I can visit that country soon.