Friday, January 04, 2013

style diary: winter dressing

It's winter to where I am currently residing. Though Japan winter is not as freaking cold compared to South Korea (meaning, temperature falling below zero degree rarely happens even at night. If it does fall below zero, the average lowest would be negative 2). So with this setting, it allows me not to dress in bulky layers.

We went to see the Gundam at Diver City Tokyo the other day. The temperature at that time was around 10degC.

Round crochet scarf: H&M | pea coat: E hyphen world gallery | top: Uniqlo (as seen here) | skinny jeans: Levi's | boots: Washington | bag: MbMJ Natasha Q

Of course, the huge Gundam deserved a solo shot.

Yes, it looks amazing at night time. 


Nashe^ said...

A big WOW to that Gundam. :O
And you're so slim, Amor! Wish I had cold weather where I live, it's so boring to dress tropical all year round.

(PS; no, it's not that guy I fell in love with, but his best friend. Gah. Kill me.)

amor said...

^can't blame you if the guy's best friend is more worth your love.