Tuesday, January 01, 2013

new beginnings

This year looks promising. Amber will start attending daycare on the 4th while I will begin working full-time effective on the 7th. It will be a whole new daily schedule to tackle but eventually, we'll get used to it.

Yes, I will no longer be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom). I have always wanted to go back in the workforce because I don't see myself being a SAHM for the rest of my life. My choice to have a career will not in any way make me less of a mom to Amber. She is and will always be my priority. 

Speaking of work, I am a little nervous about everything. Though the company and environment are not new to me, I still need to go through the awkward phase of starting over again. I mean, new office mates to deal with (I was assigned to a different department before). 

But seriously, I am more worried about Amber's first day at daycare. I've visited the facility a week ago. The place is located nearby (around 3 minutes walk), the daycare attendants seem nice and from the looks of the kids in there, Amber is probably the youngest. I am expecting cryfest galore on her first day and I fervently hope she'll adjust to her new environment sooner.

As for me, I will strive to be a better person but I'm not promising to change the world for it will remain as it is -- crazy and chaotic; but in spite of that, I can edit out the negativity and focus on the good. I don't give away kindness easily anymore for it has to be earned in order to deserve such. I know one should not wait for a new year to do this but the events that had happened lately make it appear timely.


Eva said...

Happy New Year, dear! :)

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Maita of Makeup On Demand said...

Wishing you luck on your endeavors :) You can do it!

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