Thursday, December 20, 2012

Food Trip - Cyma

Cyma Greek Taverna, from the name itself, serves Greek cuisine. As far as I know, it's the only restaurant in Cebu City that serves Greek food. Do feel free to correct me if the previous statement is false. 

We arrived before 7pm, and knowing it was a week night, I assumed that it will not be too crowded compared on weekends. My assumption proved wrong when the clock struck past 7pm, groups of people slowly occupied the vacant tables.

The interior. The typical Greek (flag) colors: dark blue and white. The space looks narrow but not to the point where chairs from other tables hit each other at every move.

Our waiter for that night was friendly and took time answering our queries. Oh, just for information, I like inquiring service crews just to check if they are passionate and knowledgeable as to what the resto has to offer. But that time, T did all the talking for I was busy attending the little one.

Our meal:

Briam (Php250) 

Traditional oven-roasted Greek summer vegetables, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes.

I loved it! I am partial to vegetables, anyway.

Chicken & Seafood Yiouvetsi (Php 600)
The Greek Paella Valenciana with orzo (rice-shaped pasta) parsley and EVOO.
I just googled what EVOO stands for, LOL. It's Extra-virgin olive oil.

Salmon Psari Fournou (Php 450)
Salmon with fennel, dill, tomatoes and saffron, baked in parchment paper.
Well, as always, salmon is delicious regardless on how it is prepared. And plus points for the presentation. I could probably make my own version of this but first, I need to know where to buy parchment paper =P

I am easily pleased by good food and service, and in this case, I will definitely go back and dine there again. Price is quite reasonable considering the servings are huge (the paella alone can be shared by four people).

Cyma Greek Taverna
Garden Level, The Terraces
Ayala Mall, Cebu City
(032) 417-1351

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