Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the last two weeks

The last two weeks were hectic! With flying, packing and unpacking, I barely found time to get a haircut, LOL!

Located in Incheon International Airport. Found this while looking for a cafe where I can feed Amber. Good thing this is just near to our designated boarding gate.

Guess who ordered the Blueberry Latte?

T redeemed his Korean Air miles to upgrade our seats to Business class. Fortunately, we had the whole section to ourselves so we took liberty in choosing our seats

Ahh, the food was glorious! And the stewardesses were very accommodating. One even offered to pacify Amber  so that I can eat my meal but I declined her offer =)

Amber surrounded by Christmas lights. (at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu)

Celebrated our first week in Nihon at Ikea and Lalaport, LOL!
Inset photo: Dinner at Afternoon Tea (in Lalaport).

At Lalaport. See the Christmas decorations are not as grand as what one would see in Philippine malls.

Amber turned 8 months on Dec 16.

A LOT of things had happened in two weeks! Now that we have unpacked all our stuff, I am keeping myself busy with Christmas preparations. Though celebrating it here will not be as fun compared at home, I am still excited knowing it will be Amber's first.


Of logging blabbers... said...

Amber's so adorable. Like a cartoon baby character in a good way.

Is the hello kitty latte purple? what's in it?

Nashe^ said...

I especially love babies when they're 5-12 months old, and AAHHH AMBER'S SO KIUUUTT!! :D

Pretty/Ugly said...

Awwwwww... Amber! <3 Such an adorable little princess.

amor said...

to all: thanks! (^__^)

Love Love ♥ said...

your kid is wondering. Where was the hello kitty cafe taken btw? Gorgeous!


amor said...

^it was taken inside Incheon International Airport, near boarding gate no. 24.

Carrie Ang said...

Oww...Amber is just adorable~~ Looks like an Asian Barbie doll.. ^^