Monday, November 05, 2012

Seoul Lantern Festival

Last year, I had no interest in attending the Seoul Lantern Festival for the same reason why I was a no-show to most activities that year. I was pregnant and as result, oftentimes lethargic; thus, whatever remaining energy I had were purely reserved for work and most of my weekends were devoted to sleep.

At least this year, I made sure to see the festival because that was probably the last I'll get to attend. Though not up-close (in a way that allows one to have a photo taken next to or in front of a lantern), I saw them. Up-close was impossible because the queue alone to Cheonggye Plaza was really long. In spite of that, I did manage to take a few shots from above.

Look at the crowd! I could barely find a space to squeeze two adults and a baby in a stroller.

I'm not sure if this is the Namdaemun.

The man in the middle looks like he was punished.

Traditional music was playing near these.

Some random shots I took while walking around, people-watching and looking for a place to eat.

Mangoes for sale


With all the walking from Chungmuro station to Cheongye Plaza, it drained all our energy. We went inside Seoul Finance Center as there is a small mall that occupies its basement floors (B1-B3). The mall has bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Above photo is the ground floor lobby of SFC. The interior looks like you'd see in hotels.

Coffee, drinks, and more coffee piled near a trashbin. 

After dinner, the queue was still long and no signs of the crowd getting lesser, we decided to just give up and go home.

This year's festival runs from November 2 to 18. More details here


beestows said...

very pretty! seoul lantern festival is definitely on my list :)

btw, i just followed you sis :)

Pretty/Ugly said...

Beautiful photos! I ought to see this one day. :)