Monday, October 29, 2012


Sunday being all sunny, T and I (with Amber) went to 63 Building located in Yeouido. We've been to 63 Building in Spring of 2009 but yesterday, our main agenda was to visit the 63 Wax Museum.

It was my first wax museum experience so I don't have any place to compare with. In our Amsterdam trip last year we failed to visit Madame Tussauds due to time constraints. We didn't list it as a must-visit-place-while-in-Amsterdam to begin with because it can be found elsewhere. And besides, visiting a wax museum of celebrities doesn't tell much about a place to tourists.

It's officially Fall! My favorite season.

The Autumn foliage inspired me to make it as background for my now mandatory outfit shot. I really need to work on my poses, LOL! And I seriously regret having bangs!

Cardigan: Uniqlo |  Top: Natural Beauty Basic | necklace: from a Flea Market | skinny jeans: Gap | flats: Adidas by Stella McCartney

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63 Building

Some photos taken inside the museum.

Thomas Edison

US President Barack Obama. He went as far as South Korea for his re-election campaign.

T had tea with Abraham Lincoln.

While I updated Pablo Picasso about the latest showbiz chismax.

There are also wax figures of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Vincent Van Gogh, Beethoven, Mozart and the whole cast of the Last Supper. So in case you want to visit the place, don't expect to gush oohhs and aaahhs.

Other than the wax museum, 63 Building has other attractions. To name a few, there's an art gallery in the observatory, an aquarium, and a convention center.

At around 5:30 in the afternoon, it was already dark outside. We went out (in spite of the cold) and strolled by the Han River. 
I've been living in South Korea for two years now and it's only lately that I flood this blog with posts about the place. I am not sure until when our sojourn here will last.

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Pretty/Ugly said...

I've always loved autumn as well, esepcially when the leaves change their color.

You look so radiant and happy. :)