Sunday, October 28, 2012

around Beomgye

Beomgye is a station away from Pyeongchon (our nearest station). It is the nearest station where the hospital I had my regular prenatal check-ups and eventually, the same place where Amber was born.

While on our way home from the hospital for Amber's scheduled vaccination last Thursday, I snapped a few photos of the place.

In Korea, establishments such as cafes, electronics shops, beauty havens and restaurants are many near a station.

I have to remind T that we should try Korean style street foods.

Our visit to the hospital didn't take long so right after dropping by Lotte Department Store for some little shopping, I decided to walk on our way home since the weather was fair and temperature not too cold.

Autumn is here.

Dropped by Holly's Coffee for Green Tea Latte.

Amber, all wrapped up, enjoyed our walk. She was well-behaved all the way home.

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