Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybe I should stop sitting by the window

I miss my working life. My old life.

For some, this confession might sound selfish knowing I have a baby that needs my care and attention but I really do miss work and dressed to the nines. This led me to conclude that I am not really a homemaker type or bold enough to put up a business. In spite of the prevalent working mom practice in this modern world, why do I feel guilty at the mere thought of wanting to go back in the workforce? 

Part of me feels guilty that I might miss Amber's growth and development (she turned 3 months two days ago); while the other part fears for my brain getting all rusty from lack of intellectual stimulation.

Besides, I'm too young to retire.

My life then was easy and carefree and as much as I hate to compare it to my present, sometimes I can't help doing so. But as the song goes, 'some good things never last'. I can only reminisce and hopefully not often as one must go forward. 

I just hope my gazing-from-window-to-nowhere moments will end soon. I just can't wait to go outside. 


Nashe^ said...

Aaaahhh the old working-mom conundrum. I hope you "figure" it out, Amor!

shiera said...

for someone who is a "long-distance mom", I do envy you. Enjoy your daughter as much as you can. As you've said, you're young so you still can go back to work especially when you no longer need to be with her always. :)

Ganbare ;)

amor said...

@shiera, I do understand you and I wouldn't want to be away from my daughter. I guess i just want some balance in my life. It would be great to have work and Amber to occupy my thoughts =)