Monday, July 09, 2012

I see trees are green

Here in South Korea, Summer begins middle of June, peaks in July and August, and slowly gives way to Autumn in September. It's July and lately the temperature ranges from 28-32degC at noontime, and the sun sets around 8pm. Summer here is such a fleeting occurrence that even in June, Summer clothes are already on sale and Autumn/Winter clothes are already available

Having to stay indoors for five consecutive days (or more) in a week with nothing to do except attending to Amber's demands, leaves me dull and pale. Thus, I made it a point for us to go out especially in this season that requires only light clothing and slippers to wear. It is such a waste to let Summer pass by without enjoying it even if my enjoyment means a mere walk in the park in my shorts and slippers. (As much as I want a beach escapade, it is not possible due to distance). My options are not many: i.e. the nearby mall, the nearby park, and the Anyang Central park.
The weekend that was: Strolling at the nearby park, Caffe J interior, iced Green Tea latte, and cheesecake.

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Nashe^ said...

Aahh! She's so cute!

And I'm glad that your summer is good (walks in the park are lovely!). My summer in London was chilly!