Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Looks like my little Amber is catching up with my love for shoes. 
Amber's shoes (from L-R) 
Adidas infant sneakers. I bought it last December of 2011 as an early Christmas gift to her. I was 5 months pregnant then and the baby's gender finally came to our knowledge.

I know, I should have known my baby's gender even at 4 months but I was told that tradition here (until now) prevents doctors from revealing baby's gender -- I think it has to do with the old tradition of preference for male babies. But my Korean boss told me that doctors do reveal baby's gender by using terms such as color, i.e. if doctor tells the couple to prepare 'pink' things -- it means the couple is expecting a girl. 
On my fifth month appointment, I bravely asked my doctor of my baby's gender and was surprised that she didn't hesitate revealing it to me. 

Baby Gap espadrilles. I can't wait for her to wear it! It's sooo cute beyond words. I am even planning of not giving it away or throwing it once she outgrows these shoes.

Alfonso mary janes. A gift from a friend during my baby shower party.

Of course, I have (old) shoes to wear along Amber's collection. Though in practice, we won't necessarily wear them at the same time.
Adidas Rekord. Bought this in 2006 and still looks fine. It needs new shoelaces though.
Speaking of this model, when will Adidas bring them back? The last time I checked Adidas stores, no Rekord sneakers are available.

Mare Mare flats. Bought in Japan. They are pretty and painful flats. So painful I rarely wear them.

Diana ankle strap shoes. I think I only wore it once because I had a hard time matching it with my office attire. I chose this pair because this is the closest to Amber's pink mary janes, lol.

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