Friday, March 23, 2012

reminiscing Netherlands (2/2)

Day 8 (Sept 18, 2011 Sunday)

The Netherlands trip is not complete without seeing a windmill. So our friends brought us to Zaanse Schans. Zaanse Schans is like a countryside, where a vast field with windmills and a herd of sheep awaits the eye.
Not only we got to see the windmills, visitors are allowed to go inside for a small fee.
We also visited the Wooden Shoe Workshop De Zaanse Schans (where a variety of clogs are displayed) and Cheese Farm De Catharina Hoeve. 
That night (our last night), we spent it roaming around Amsterdam and again got to smell that aroma while passing by their 'coffee shops'. 

Day 9 (Sept 19, 2011 Monday)
Our flight schedule from Amsterdam to Istanbul was before noon. We intentionally went early at the Schiphol Airport to have ample time exploring its interior. 

One funny thing I found at Schiphol Airport was their announcement for their passengers. I heard the announcer saying these words. "Paging passenger (insert name), you are delaying the flight..." Not exactly the phrase but I am sure about " are delaying the flight". Funny but I suppose very effective.


Time difference issues. I had difficulty sleeping on the first two nights. In the mornings, I was a little sleepy but the excitement overcame the sleepiness. On the third night, I got to sleep soundly --- of course, who wouldn't have a sound sleep after exhausting most of the day walking. 

I have no problems about their food. I love their croissants! Considering I was pregnant then at 2 months, I love eating. When I came back to Korea, my selective appetite problem came back, lol.

The laid-back lifestyle. On a weekday, people seem not to rush for office or anywhere unlike what I see in Tokyo and Seoul. Around 8 or 9 am, Amsterdam looks deserted until night time strikes -- I could hear revelers at the street while trying to get some sleep.  Or I could be wrong for my stay was fleeting. Or Den Haag and Rotterdam are the cities where people do rush. 


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