Wednesday, March 21, 2012

France (2/2)

Day 6 (Sept 16, 2011 Friday)
Paris, France

The plan was to tour Paris the whole day together with our friends from Netherlands (the friends who met us at Schiphol airport). With Metro train tickets and maps on hand, we met our friends at Arc de Triomphe (the designated meeting place). After gaping at its grandeur and of course, picture-taking, we walked a little distance of Champs-Elysees before taking the Metro for Les Invalides.
Arc de Triomphe
a closer look of the Arc
movie posters along Champs-Elysees
L'Hôtel national des Invalides

We went back to Eiffel Tower to take photos from the other side (across Trocadero). We didn't go up for the queue was long and doing so would only consume much of our time, considering our limited schedule.

Third in the itinerary was visit the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. The museum is huge and to cover the whole area will require days. Since our main agenda was just to see the Mona Lisa, we headed for the Denon wing.

We finally located the painting and found a huge crowd swarming in front of it. My friends and I squeezed our tiny selves into the crowd only to find that there is a certain distance where people can see it (of course). To my surprise, it (the painting) was small (I was expecting it to be huge) and surrounded by glass.
We didn't just zoom in and look for the Mona Lisa. We also managed to stare at paintings and artworks by other artists.

After an hour at Louvre, we walked to Jardin des Tuileries (located across Louvre). Then visited Sacre-Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame de Paris and back to Eiffel tower. 
Notre Dame de Paris

We parted ways at Trocadero for our friends had a bus to catch. T and I stayed a while to stare at the Eiffel tower for the last time. 
I could go on staring at it forever. 

Day 7 (Sept 17, 2011 Saturday)
From Paris to Breda.

We lounged and had breakfast at Art Hotel. Since we didn't have any schedule to meet, we got to relax and watch French TV for some hours before checking-out.

I love Paris. Its architecture looks grand and well-preserved. And may I add that their croissants are yummy (just like in Netherlands). 

Good that we can read maps and commuting via Metro was no stranger to us. 


shiera said...

wow... ga Europe tour man diay mo. :)

2 nights ko sa Paris, then ga hop on hop off tour ra ko. Gi discourage ko sa mga officemates nako na French na mo take sa train kay basin daw masaag ko haha.

I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower at night pero ako ra man gud usa. Gidiscourage sad ko nila maglaag ug gabii na mag inusara :(

amor said...

mas maayo bitaw naa kauban. sa among second day kay ubay2x mi. gi discourage man pud mi sa among friend na mag hop-on/hop-off kay mausik daw oras sa bus tungod sa traffic.

daghan bitaw storya na mga kawatan ug badlungon daw sa mga stations mao pirteng kupot sa bag oi, lol. arang2x sa neds kay safe didto,