Monday, March 19, 2012

France (1/2)

Day 5 (Sept 15, 2011 Thursday)
Paris, France

We left Breda very early in the morning for Rotterdam Centraal Station. There, we bought round-trip tickets of Thalys (hi-speed train) for Paris. The journey took us an hour and a half.

We arrived at Gare du Nord in Paris past noon and before checking-in at Art Hotel (located at Rue d'Hauteville), we had lunch at an Italian restaurant, lol.

Right after checking-in, we rushed back to Gare du Nord station to purchase a 2-day trip Metro ticket. We arrived in Versailles around 3pm. To save time, we skipped exploring the interior of Chateau de Versailles as a friend of mine had advised that the garden is way more interesting. I took her advice and yes, the garden looks amazing.
Chateau de Versailles
Versailles Orangerie

After exploring Versailles, we headed back to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.
T riding on the planking bandwagon. 
Shot taken at Trocadero (Indeed the best place to view the Eiffel tower)

..and the Louvre museum. Though closed, we just wanted to see how it looks at night. The fact that it's no longer crowded (compared in daytime), it felt like having the place to ourselves.
the obligatory Louvre night shot, lol

It reminded me of the movie 'The Da Vinci Code'. In the last scene, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) was roaming outside Louvre and having found the Holy Grail, knelt down to pay his respects to Mary Magdalene.

Day 6 (Sept 16, 2011 Friday)
Paris, France -- see next post.

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