Sunday, March 18, 2012

Train hopping (Netherlands to Belgium)

Day 4 (Sept 14, 2011 Wednesday)
From Breda Station, we purchased a train ticket for Rosendaal station. From there, we transferred to a train for Antwerp. From Antwerp, transferred to Brussels. The train for Antwerp got delayed for reasons I forgot and finally we were able to reach Brussels past noon; hungry and haggard. Thus, we had a late lunch at the food court of Brussels station (spelled as Bruxelles in French).
Antwerp Station

We would have wanted to explore Brussels but since half of the day was spent in the train, we decided to just go to Atomium -- because T we badly wanted to see it. It's the only highlight of our visit in Belgium.
We went up and got to see the panoramic view of the city.
view from the Atomium

Not much to say about Belgians for I didn't get to observe them that long. Like in Netherlands, they charge 40Euro cents when using public toilets.

Went back to Breda around 6pm. The Asian in us craved rice so we went to a Chinese restaurant in Breda where the waiters (or the sons and daughters of owners, I think) all look Eurasian.

Day 5 (Sept 15, 2011 Thursday)
Paris, France - details in separate posts. 


Nashe^ said...

I was thinking of visiting Bruxelles this July but now I think I'll give it a pass. ahah.

amor said...

You should visit! I feel bad not having enough time to explore the place.