Tuesday, April 10, 2012

38 weeks

Anytime next week, I will be contributing to the world's growing population. Since my 36th week, I've been seeing my doctor every Saturday. So far, baby's position is normal. Her weight as of Saturday was 3.1kgs. (*sigh* she's getting bigger and I'm worried). And I have surpassed my self-imposed weight limit of 60kgs (currently at 61.7kgs).

My emergency bag is ready. I've packed essentials but according to my friend who had experienced giving birth here in the same maternity hospital where I have my regular check-ups, the hospital provides to almost everything. 

One thing I observe is that every regular check-up here requires us to undergo ultrasound. I was told that it's not the case in the Philippines. No wonder it's expensive but I'm not complaining because besides that I get to see her every visit, my doctor gets to monitor her well. 

A friend asked me how I'm feeling. I told her it's mixed but more of anxious to see her. Pain is present in the equation of giving birth so it's more of I have no choice but to surrender to that fact. 

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Nashe^ said...

Excited for you :D