Wednesday, January 25, 2012

done with the classics

I recently finished reading two classic literatures: Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen) and Great Expectations (Charles Dickens). Of these two, I found the latter more interesting because of its plot.

Sense and Sensibility tells mainly about the story of two sisters set in period when women's roles in society were limited. 'Sense' describing the older sister's character (Elinor) and 'Sensibility' the middle sister (Marianne). The chapters revolved around fortune, estates, dinner parties, and gossip. This is a classic chick-lit. I say, the mother of all chick-lits!

I can't blame Ms. Austen for dwelling on these topics since such things occupied much of the elite. Her aim was to share how society at the time dictated women's roles, like: It was imperative that a woman of little wealth to marry a gentleman of good character paired with wealth. She didn't condone such act, as herself was born during that era but did not heed to society's expectations, for she never married and did live by pen.

Great Expectations was a good read. I've read an abridged version way back in college so I knew all along the benefactor of Pip (the main character). In spite of my prior knowledge, I read it and was hooked on to the complexities in Pip's life; from his first encounter with Abel Magwitch at the marshes to his reversal of fortune. The ending was unexpected for I was hoping Estella to marry Pip and live happily ever after. But still it was a good ending, not cliché. After all, it was not a fairy tale. 

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