Monday, January 23, 2012

baby stuff and a zoo

Yesterday, the weather being all sunny save for the negative 6degC temperature, T and I went to check out a newly-opened mall (D-Cube City) in Seoul. But before heading to our destination, we decided to have lunch at a Japanese restaurant near Pyongcheon station for some Udon.
Though we have dined at that restaurant many times, the name still escapes me.
EDIT: The name reads as Onigiri to Udon (it was written in Hangeul)
udon and onigiri

I have always been a fan of Japanese food and am just glad I can find a few restaurants serving at affordable prices here. *sigh* I miss Japan. 

Well, about D-Cube City, it's not really huge compared to Times Square Seoul. Getting there is not hard since it is accessible via Exit no. 1 of Sindorim station. 
coffee break  (Well, not on my part. I had hot skim milk)

If before, whenever an opportunity for shopping presents itself, there is no way I end up buying nothing for myself; Well, times have changed. Instead of buying stuff for me, I bought some baby stuff..and a zoo.
onesies and baby socks from H&M
 if you see a hair strand on the floor (in the pic), it only means we haven't done any cleaning this week.


Nashe^ said...

Awh wow the animals look great!

Japanese food here in S'pore is pricey, too. They really know how to exploit people's cravings.

amor said...

i have been collecting toy animals specifically the German brand, Schleich. Their toys are so detailed and beautifully made.

Japanese food are expensive wherever they may be, lol.

Charles William said...

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