Friday, August 19, 2011

red stripes

It's official. After testing two pregnancy test kits, both results showed two red lines.

I took the first test in the morning of Aug 17, Wednesday. After the 'procedure', I waited while the test stick worked its way to give me the results. The result showed two red lines but the T(Test) window showed a faint red line. I was unsure if that counts as positive so I ignored and said to myself that I'll just re-test the day after tomorrow.

That night, after having told my husband of the result and my doubts that I could really be pregnant, I consulted Google for answers and my instincts were right, the first test result was positive.

As I thought was necessary, I took a second test (used the same brand) in the morning of 19 Aug, Friday. This time, it showed two bold red lines. I stared long at those red lines just to check I was not imagining things.

I smiled to myself. An understatement to what I expected, i.e. jump for joy and post an update in Facebook. I just smiled and my thoughts flew off to motherhood and Folic Acid. Yes, I was thinking of immediately buying Folic Acid as I've heard my then pregnant friends that it's good for the baby and prevents birth defects.