Monday, July 11, 2011

I miss JP

It's been a year since I left Japan. The food, people, crazy fashion, my apartment in Tsudanuma, tempura, udon, solitary adventures..I could go on blab how I so miss the place.

Photo was taken while standing a few meters from Hachiko statue to my left. To where I was standing then, with that crossing before me, reminds me of the movie 'Lost in Translation'.

It was my last roam around Tokyo.

Here's proof that it was indeed taken on July 08, 2010. 

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Nelly said...

Hey ! I'm French and I discovered your website accidentally. I love it ! An dI loooove Shibuya ! I would love go in this city !!! ♥

Your website is so beautiful ! :)
Congratulations ! ;)