Sunday, June 26, 2011


While out-of-office for the mandatory home leave, I (with T) spared five days of our thirteen days exploring Palawan.
We stayed at Casa Fuerte Bed & Breakfast in Puerto Princesa. Breakfast is free, commercial establishments are nearby, accommodation is good (except for the shower's water flow. so slow it took me longer time to shower than usual).

Our tour package, courtesy of E-Philippines, took care of the must-sees while there. The package includes:

1) Crocodile farm

2) Underground River -- AMAZING!

3) Baker's Hill which I misheard as 'Baker's Ville', lol.

4) Mitra Ranch. A disappointment for there's nothing 'ranch-ish' about the place for there were no animals at sight. (i was hoping to ride a horse), and the view is pretty ordinary. The Sagbayan Peak in Bohol is waaayy better.

5) Dos Palmas day tour. Did everything from kayak, biking and ate yummy buffet. Overall, the place so isolated suits honeymooners or couples wanting to get rid of the hustle and bustle of city life. However, the place badly needs renovation and repaint because everything looks old. The beach, as always, is awesome.

6) Puerto Princesa City tour. I was hoping there would be a meet & greet with Mayor Hagedorn, lol. Based on the photos plastered all over the city, he resembles former Pres. Estrada.

7) Island hopping plus snorkeling at Snake and Pandan islands. Best snorkeling experience I ever had.
Other than the green scenery which is evident practically everywhere in the city, I love that seafoods are served fresh and cheap.


Nashe^ said...

Wow! Envious. Underwater rivers and crocodile farms sound amazing, for sure!

We have a beach called Palawan in S'pore, too but's just a beach.

amor said...

I've been to Palawan beach in SG. Like you said, it is just a beach.