Saturday, May 21, 2011

Food Trip - Touch of Spice

Rarely do I have time to blog about Seoul or anything for work has been stressing me out that zits have come to dwell (again) on my face. Do take note that the words 'very busy' is an understatement and I'd rather not speak much about it here.

Though I've been out and about Seoul many times, I don't post about it because (1) my wherabouts are nothing in particular, like running an errand for groceries; (2) i don't bring a camera with me for it proves burdensome to go around with a camera bag in tow. We all know how essential photos are in blogs =P. Unless one talks about boring stuff -- which I frequently write about; (3) Again, work has taken over my life. =P

Myeongdong, one of the busiest shopping districts in Seoul. It reminds me of the narrow alleys of Ueno, Shinjuku and Harajuku. You can find almost anything there from Korean skin care to cheap street Louis Vuitton knock-offs selling a few meters away from the police station. Them not getting caught is beyond me.

Anyway, last Sunday, after completing our task in Itaewon at 2pm, T and I were undecided where to go next. I suggested going to Namsan Seoul tower again since the weather was warm because the last time we've been there was March 2009. Still hesitant on the idea, we finally decided to hop on a random bus and alighted at Myeongdong.
Seoul Central Post Office
We dropped by Shinsegae for some little shopping and went to Bank of Korea museum to check on North Korea notes. I swear this North and South conflict still intrigues me that whenever a chance presents itself, I just want to spend time looking at it while thinking the extreme contrast of these two countries at present.

I admit not being good at food reviews. I had abandoned my food blog after three entries and thought of reviving it but my busy schedule prevents me from doing so. Thus, I have decided to post food entries (not reviews) here.
Like I said, I'm not good at food reviews. My adjectives for food are poor that most of the time, I either describe it as delicious or not delicious. But for the sake of posterity, photos are enough.
Vietnamese roll
Stir-fried seafood

Nasi Goreng
48-2 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, 
Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Nashe^ said...

LOL do they really call it Nasi goreng over there?? haha!

amor said...

Yes, their menu contains a variety of Asian food. My husband told me 'Nasi Goreng' is a Singaporean dish and it does remind me of Tapsilog in the Philippines.

hapi said...

Hi amor, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog