Saturday, April 30, 2011

gloomy weather inspires sleep and flashbacks

The gloomiest sky I've seen to date. Earlier, at 2pm, outside looked like dusk and we are a day away to May.
So gloomy that it inspired T to take an afternoon nap, while yours truly decided to update this blog.

I officially turned 31 two weeks ago and realized that it's been ten years since leaving university. And since the gloomy eerie scene outside, my mind drifted to revisiting my twenty-something years.

Just for fun, I'm going through the milestones of the past decade and what mattered at that time.

Note: it is boring compared to Kate Middleton's.

20, I graduated uni.
21, bum and got crazy for 2D games. It was unfortunate that my parents have decided to purchase a computer just after I graduated, and what better way to make use of it aside from drafting my boring and spotless CV.
22, passed the boards. yipee! one of the happiest events of my life, and got my first job as a Junior Accountant for a construction firm.
23, moved to another company, a Japanese engineering company and was dispatched to Japan -- my first overseas experience.
24, spent the whole of 2004 in Japan. I gained weight and had awful pimples.
25, got a boyfriend and invested in real property.
26, went back to Japan for a a 2-year assignment. Had my first ever business trip to Busan, KR. I kinda cringed every time I remember that time because I was more excited over seeing Korea rather than meeting the vendors.
27, started this blog.
28, events in order: left Japan, resigned, got married, went to Singapore for a week, went back to Japan to work for another company, and was introduced to Tsudanuma and everything around it.
29, Hermit. I lived a recluse existence. Often wandered around, not because I'm lost.
30, Left Japan and spent the Summer in Ulsan. Went to Seoul for a job interview and got it. Left Korea in Autumn; spent amazing crazy two months in the Philippines; and when Winter came, left Philippines for Korea.

I spent the most of my twenty-something years overseas, and at some point, thought about that have I done otherwise, would my life be better? Or what could possibly be the highlights of each year? I wonder.

In life, there are only two possible choices in decision making process, that is: go or no. Often my answer to career opportunities has always been 'go'. As for other things, it's either.

In all honesty, having gone past 30 now, I dread aging and everything that comes with it: wrinkles, receding hairline *faints*. But it has to happen because that's how the world works.

I now constantly remind myself to (as read somewhere) 'never regret getting older, it's a privilege denied to many'.  And better focus on the brighter side of being older like wisdom, among others.

In other news, I finally bought a dwelling place for my books. It occurred to me that they aren't that many.
I confess. I haven't been reading. The Kazuo Ishiguro book (Never Let Me Go) has been gathering dust since having found out that Megabox theatre will not show the movie adaptation. I doubt the rest will.

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