Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not loving Mondays

Been very very busy since early February. After having endured two boring months of doing nothing in the office, I was officially assigned to project execution which gave me more (stress) than I expected. I love the work except for Mondays. Mondays are such a dread because I need to submit a weekly report that sums up each disciplines' activities. And as often the case, I submit it an hour or so before 6pm. The stress for that day is incomparable that I rarely leave my sit to take a break.

And don't get me started on monthly reports...=S

To compensate for the busy weekdays, my husband and I make sure to stroll around, watch movies or pig-out on weekends.


My office is located at Gangnam, and the nearest station is Yeoksam station. To get there, I have to commute by subway. And since I leave home around 7:30am (rush hour), I have to wrestle myself to get into a crowded train because there's no way the next train will be less crowded. Bless my physique for it allows me to squeeze into impossibly small spaces between commuters. At first, the whole getting squeezed for 40 mins or so upsets me but having observed other commuters' attitude, I began to treat it with nonchalance. To keep me calm and collected, I let Snow Patrol blast good music to my ears.

My book project is not making any progress (due to my busy schedule). I have not even started reading the last book of the Millennium triology which I should have done a month ago. My sights are now on reading 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro before watching its movie adaptation anytime this week.


And here comes my birthday. It's a Tuesday (whew!) thus i can leave the office early and celebrate with hubby.


Bianchii said...

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Eli Rush said...

Haha this is amazing...

I love your blog, will be following.

You might like mine too, feel free to stop by:

shiera said...

It's already very late... but Happy Birthday! :)

I've wanted to go to Korea for years, so being squeezed in won't matter to me, I suppose. :P