Friday, July 16, 2010

where am I?

Ulsan, South Korea.I've been roaming its streets (except for today due to bad weather) since Monday. Ulsan does not have a subway transpo, so exploring the city by bus is such a challenge. (I got lost twice, and if not for Google maps, I would have braved my way to the nearest police station for help.)

Ulsan has city buses with NASCAR trained drivers. My first ride had me gripping for dear life, and the succeeding ones, lulled me to sleep. In less than three days of bus-hopping, I got used to it. But I dare not sleep, I don't wanna miss my stop.

Few things I love:
We live near University of Ulsan. Across it, are coffeeshops, restos, bars, boutiques and more restos that are relatively cheaper (perhaps, designed for student budget).

Food is cheap. I crave for grilled pork belly rolled into lettuce (I still don't know its name. T said it's not Samgyeopsal).

Summer here ain't humid.

Wifi is everywhere. And super fast.

Local coffee shops are many. Surprisingly, their interior are prettier, and their coffee tastes better than the commercial ones (read: Starbucks).

Something worth noting:
I can't speak and understand Hangul. And I'm not driven to learn, lolz. I have on-going Nihongo self study. Thus, learning another foreign language is far from what I want to do right now. I only know two phrases: "Gamsa Hamneda" (Thank you), and "Annneheong Haseyo" (Good morning, noon, evening).

Bum for two weeks now, and I miss work, lolz.


Nashe^ said...

It's called Hangul? I didn't know that. The only Korean phrase I know is.. Sarang haeyo. Like that's so hard to learn!

I'm supposed to go to Seoul at the end of the year, but things came up and now I'm not sure I can go. :'(

amor said...

^Hangul refers to the writing system. Korean (or Hangugeo) refers to the language.

Ahhh..too bad. This year would be the right time so that we can meet up. Anyway, let me know if ever..

The Demigoddess said...

I have been bum for four months. Stop complaining. Argh.

Lovely pictures, dear. Enjoy the vacation from work while it lasts.

amor said...

^hahaha..ok, i'll stop whining now. mwah!