Thursday, July 08, 2010

東京を わすれないですよ。

There are just too many wards and/or towns to see (again) yet too little time left. I chose Shibuya in spite of the traveling hours I had to endure for the sole reason of meeting Hachiko -- the statue. Yes, because of the movie.

Leggings + Boots. Some people are willing to faint for fashion.

Its location was not hard to find. An exit was specially named after it in Shibuya Station -- Hachiko guchi (in english, Hachiko exit).
I was surprised to see the statue as really simple, not detailed. Its left ear is slightly bent, just like the aged Hachiko in the movie.

Hachiko Statue

Decided not to stay long because of the awful humid weather (the surrounding buildings' exhausts made it more terrible), and went to Harajuku (a station away from Shibuya via Yamanote line).
Meiji Shrine

While roaming, I often stare at familiar places and thought of the first times I went there. In Harajuku, staring at the Meiji Shrine from the distance, I saw myself with friends awed by its simple grandeur in 2004. Like watching reruns of my own adventures. At one point, my mind drifted away from flashbacks to taking notes on the recent changes around the place. Like the new Gap building across the station, while the old Gap is now demolished. And where is DVF?
will miss this: grilled salmon meal set (900Yen)

It saddens me to leave the place that basically molded the last 6 years or so of my life. It was a good experience, and would have wanted to stay longer (or permanently). Met friends, gained weight, and got bad acne; friends left, lost little weight, and bad acne left as well, lolz. Most importantly, the place taught me complete independence to the point of becoming a recluse -- which I'm not ashamed of admitting.

Now the question is: Where will Fate lead me next? I'm prepared to embrace whatever it is.


Nashe^ said...

The Baby Plan. Don't forget the Baby plan.

What a coincidence, my friend was just telling me about Hachiko a few days ago!

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