Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Horatio Caine would say, “Well, it seems.. [wears sunglasses] menopause came too early”. YEEAAAAHH?!

I find it a waste that I had to take a day-off yesterday for reasons other than vacation or nursing my sick self. The reason: swollen red cheeks. I checked the net and it’s called “Red Face Syndrome” or “Angry Face Syndrome”. I may be wrong but those are the closest. Its corresponding medical term(s) sound icky so I’m settling for the common layman terms.

So, I took a leave for fear of stares I'll probably get from people in the bus and in the office. I mean, I don’t mind getting their attention but not THAT way. A paper bag or ski mask would solve the situation but that would surely send more suspicious stares. It was really THAT serious. If it was just minor puffiness or redness, I won’t mind reporting for work and be asked questions whether I had a cry-fest or drinking-spree that night.

After informing (via email) an officemate of my leave, I slept, and woke up just before lunch. It was like weekend. And since I cannot just go out and show up at the nearest convenience store with my look, I just had to make-do with what’s in the fridge. Let me tell that it was no binge-fest but the beverages were enough to keep me hydrated.

Even though it was a paid leave, I feel bad for wasting it knowing that I only have a few paid leaves while the rest are unpaid. Like I said, I enjoy taking paid-leaves for the right reasons. In the effort of averting my attention, I seized the day searching for good classic movies and end up watching “Stand by Me”.

I swear I did not put any new (products) on my face nor I'm menopausal. I’m aware that my face turns red when I drank some alcohol, LOL-ed, or embarrassed but this looks different. More like selective reddening, just on upper parts of both cheeks. That’s why I find it weird. Must be allergy but I recall not having eaten anything new. Or the changing temperature. Hormonal imbalance, perhaps?

My cheeks are still red but not as worse as yesterday. Should symptoms persist tomorrow, it leaves me no choice but to wait on some cold bench with aged people.

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