Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shallow 30 while celebrating 30

1.) Thusday. Lunch under Cherry Blossom trees at a park near the office.
2.) Wore black chucks to work last Friday. That was a first and maybe, the last. It was imperative that I wore them for convenience (see #4). Besides, it was still cold for flats.
3.) Packed light.
4.) Night flight to Incheon.
5.) Wore the same black blazer for four consecutive days (see #3).
6.) Cheesecake.
7.) Strawberry chiffon cake.
8.) Chocolate cake.
9.) Getting high on a lift!
10.) Toured Seodaemun prison.
11.) DJ played “I’ll Be” (by Edwin McCaine), as requested by T, while drinking and eating with him, his immediate boss and officemate. Cheesy.
12.) Went to Seoul only to find out not to have brought any money while in Pyeoncheon Stn. Luckily, I was to meet T for lunch before doing rounds (read: sightseeing).
13.) Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five”.
14.) Angel-in-Us coffee is L♥VE.
15.) WG earrings.
overused Zara black blazer, 7 year old Levi's, black chucks

16.) Realized that my 7-yr.old jeans still fit me nicely.
17.) Looking over Yeouido from 63 Building.
18.) Watched reruns.
19.) 40 Kanjis and uhmm..more to go.
20.) DIY Samgyeopsal.
21.) Strawberry smoothies.
22.) Finally, knows Dalki. I’ve been using her face as an avatar.
23.) Drank a bland-tasting beer. It’s been a loonnng time since I had a sip. With that latest one, it left me no encouragement of wanting to drink in the future. =P
24.) OT Mexico 66.
25.) Incessant conversations with T. I digress a lot, too.
26.) After a month of hopping and all, I finally reached World-2 of Mario Bros game, lolz.
27.) A great view of the clouds on my way to Tokyo.
28.) Reminiscing old days with T.
29.) Spent quality time with someone special.
30.) To love and be loved. As always.


Nashe^ said...

You toured a prison? Really cool!

amor said...

yup, it's a former prison during Japanese occupation in Korea. they turned it into a historical museum. it was disgusting to read the tortures they (Korean activists) had to endure that time...Well, past is past, and lessons were learned. =)